Our goal is to not only exceed your expectations of quality service and an unforgettable atmosphere, but to also serve up a great time with each and every one of our customer's visits. Whether you stop in for a quick drink or a meal with friends, our rustic and natural elements paired with the vintage inspired pine walls and fireplace will certainly leave you feeling comfortable and cozy. Our extensive menu includes a large variety of comforting entrees that will always leave you coming back for more. We grill up sizzling inspired flavors using our completely perfected recipes that bring out the food's true flavor. And when you pair our food with a delicious beer or handcrafted drink you will understand why we're much more than a restaurant! For us, it will always be about combining gourmet flavors with the perfect balance of indulgence and nutrition. In this way, our customers can enjoy Cascade Roadhouse in a way that fits their lifestyle. And of course, always have fun in the process!